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I Remember

I remember when your eyes met mine,

it was as if God had slowed time

I remember your super-long fingers, feet and toes,

and even your perfect little button nose

I remember your smile that lit up the sky

and those big, round, sparkling beautiful eyes

I remember your skin as perfect as could be

and all the wonderful blessings you helped me to see

I remember your grip on my finger so tight,

when I felt your squeeze it made everything right.

I remember how you’d shimmy, scoot and dance

Even the greatest nurses didn’t stand a chance

Of keeping you straight up in the bed

Cause there was always a party going in your head.

I remember your loving precious touch

That’s one thing I truly miss so much

I remember your strength, I remember your might

God has you now, you’ve won this fight

I remember how you drew people to their knees

People came to God and were made free

By your struggle, your stress, your pain and strain

Your purpose fulfilled people called His name

And though they were calling out for you

They were blessed, healed and delivered through and through

Rest well little princess your work here is done

We know you’re up in Heaven on the run

Brooky Bear my perfect Poo

I pray you know how much I love you

Brooklyn Alayne, our CHD Warrior fly high beautiful angel.

You have definitely left the world better than you’ve found it.

Dude and Diva will love you forever

#Brooklyn #CHD #childrensHospitalofPittsburgh #Love #loss

Ms. Brooklyn

The Sassy Lil Diva

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