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A Message From Brooky's Momma

When you lose a child there are no words or feelings that can express how hurt your really are. Brooklyn was my heart; she was my mini me. I feel like I’m missing an important piece to my puzzle. I often wonder what she is doing up there.

She’s probably running like crazy because she finally figured out her feet actually work!

As I reflect on her life, I have come to the realization she finished her job here on earth.

As I looked around the room yesterday and saw all the people from all over come to my daughter’s viewing, I realized just how powerful she was. She touched the hearts of so many people.

I shared Brooklyn because I wanted everyone to see that through every obstacle Brooky still fights! Some days she smiled, some days she ignored us, and other days she just kicked us (haha). I just wanted to show everyone that even though she was in the hospital, and it felt like we would never get out, she was still full of life.

She never let CHD defeat her.

She is a warrior.

She has taught me so much.

She is now free.

The decisions I had to make in the last week I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Now that I see the impact she had on so many people, I’m sad she is gone but I’m glad she has changed so many lives. She literally has a Brooklyn army.

So with that being said long live


#Brooky #Brooklyn #Beautiful #loss

Ms. Brooklyn

The Sassy Lil Diva

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