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Some Days We Wake Up Crying

some days we wake up crying and we don't know why,

but we try to keep the faith we really do try We look in those eyes and see all the pain, We look at her body and see all the strain We know there's nothing to take it away, and sadly that she could be gone any day we all live in the tension of watching her go, But we're confused by her battle vs. what doctors show we know it's nothing but God and His powerful hand, but it doesn't ease the pain because we can't understand How a baby so precious could endure so much, especially since He could heal her with a touch we long for the days of taking her home, living happily ever after and being left alone a normal family, no tubes, meds and wires, no doctors and nurses, no frightening new hires. but since that's not an option we pray and we pray, for God to sustain her and give her strength for today. we often feel selfish as if this is unfair, but life isn't easy and sometimes hard to bear

all the pain and discomfort we watch her endure, we wonder and cry out "Lord what is this for!" then we see that bright smile and those big round bright eyes, and pause to remember that she is the prize if we get one more minute, one hour one day, it will all have been worth it to be blessed just to say we've been touched by an angel and many agree, Brooklyn's the miracle that they got to see Some days we wake up crying and we don't know why,

but we try to keep the faith we really do try.

#cry #love #brooklyn #CHD #Baby #heart

Ms. Brooklyn

The Sassy Lil Diva

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