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Brooky's Smile

As many people know Brooklyn is Sheldon and my granddaughter. More importantly she is our CHD warrior who fights for life every single day. some days and weeks are better than others and this week has been H-E-double.

She has gone into what the hospital is terming broncho-spasms and in my opinion they present much like a seizure. Watching a 14 month old have a 'seizure' and having no way to help her is what it must feel like to climb a pole to touch the wires and be electrocuted during a rain storm. It hurts the heart and every fiber of your being just wants to take her pain away. We're thankful that she keeps making it through what looks like the impossible, but we fight the urge to just say enough is enough. We don't want to see her in pain and wonder is this what her entire life will look like.

Then comes Brooky's smile.

The smile that melts hardened, broken hearts and heals the never ending pain that is living with CHD. The smile that reminds us that in the midst of every trial God is there. The smile that comes almost as if she knows we need a sign to stay in the fight. We breathe again only to experience the same level of pain in a few hours, days, weeks or months.

This roller coaster is one I don't wish on my absolute worst enemy. I wouldn't want anyone to know what it's like to wake up every day wondering if your baby made it through the night. I wouldn't want anyone to watch as a trauma team works on your child to the point of all but cracking her tiny little rib cage. I wouldn't want anyone to see the eyes of a struggling baby that seem to cry out 'Please help' and know there's absolutely nothing you can do. And most importantly I wouldn't want anyone to deal with all of this while going to work, school and church pretending that everything is OK.

I wouldn't however trade this opportunity to love, trust and grow for the world. Brooklyn has been our esteemed professor in living this thing called life. She smiles through adversity, pushes through pain and stretches herself to do what seems impossible because God is truly on her side. Her eyes speak life and her smile speaks love. When I question His motives and His plans, I hear yet another story of grace, mercy, redemption and/or love that has come through this baby's miraculous story.

Do you have a Brooky story to share, because we would just love to hear it? They remind us of the joy in Brooklyn's very painful story.

Finally our push for her challenge is so that Brooklyn's pain in the process isn't in vain. We don't know how long we have with her, so we want her legacy to be worldwide random acts of kindness to make the world a more kind and loving plane.

Please take #BrooklynsHealingHeartChallenge by doing something kind for someone, posting it to her page and then #BrookyChallenge them to do the same for someone else. Let's make kindness go viral.

Thank you as always for your support with prayers, finances, food (and snacks lol) and any other way you may have touched our family and our #BrookyTeam know that we are grateful and we appreciate every one of you.

And please keep praying for our little #CHDWarrior as she continues to fight and God continues to show himself mighty through her little body. Also please add her mom Taya and her sister Trinity to that prayer list as they spend extensive hours at Brookys bedside, and as Taya tries to be strong for Brooky and a normal momma for Trinny.

God bless you all and #IBrookyChallengeYou to do a random act of kindness in lil Ms. Brooklyn's honor and post it to her page. Help Brooky to leave her #LegacyOfLove on the world.

#Brooklyn #BeautifulBrooklyn #Brooky #love #legaceoflove #God #healing #CHD

Ms. Brooklyn

The Sassy Lil Diva

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