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365 Days

365 days I can't believe it's been 365 days.

I remember waking up thinking I was going to a normal appointment. No that's definitely not what happened. 

Throughout this year I heard doctors ask me about "comfort care" or "she's to sick " or "she probably won't make it " even though she still can't have surgery she's still an overcomer. After all the doctors doubted her she's still here fighting. I knew today was gonna be a hard day. I actually broke down crying yesterday as I left her at the hospital, just knowing today hits a year. It's hard having one child home and having to leave the other every night. It's hard not being with Brooky 24/7 I go in the girls room everyday just waiting for the day they are both here. There are times I question God: why? In the past year I haven't been going to church because I question 

Why Brooklyn went through all of this? 

Why can't I have my baby home? 

Why can't she have surgery? 

Still to this day I don't have the complete answer. But I know being patient will be worth it. So today goes out to you Brooklyn the overcomer. We are gonna play, watch the Wiggles and take thousands of selfies today because that's all you like to do. So as today marks a year could you do these four things

1) please pray for the whole Brooky team as this year has been exhausting for all of us and today marks an emotional day.

2) do a random act of kindness for Brooky then post it to Brooklyn's Healing Heart Challenge 

3) if your heart tells you to give there are two different links to give to (benefits children's hospital of Pittsburgh and acac children's ministry ) Or ( benefits me so I can spend as much time off of work as possible to be with Brooky I have a year of FMLA but it's not paid )

4) watch this video and share to show the world just how much Brooky has been through and how she's still fighting I Do not own the copyrights to this music 

#year #childrensHospitalofPittsburgh #Brooklyn

Ms. Brooklyn

The Sassy Lil Diva

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