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Not Going For the Record

Sorry long Brooky post ahead

I spoke to our social worker and she said her record setting patient lived in the hospital for 310 days. Well tomorrow is May 30 and we have officially lived in Children’s Hospital for 280 days straight. She is struggling with yet another fever, a stuffy nose and she’s just plain miserable so it breaks our heart to watch, but we’re yet grateful that she’s still with us. Know that our goal is not to be the record setting patient but it is to get Brooklyn to 100% even if that means only getting to what 100% looks like for her.

In this 280 days, we’ve had the excitement of thinking we were going home, to knowing we were in for the long haul. We’ve watched the seasons change; the nursing staff change and we’ve even been here long enough to see a complete shift in the front desk staff and new construction completed.

This post is prompted by the fact that I watched the “Sprinkles” episode of “Blackish” where Bow has to have the baby early due to preeclampsia. Andre had to make the choice between staying with his wife or going with the baby. His statement that hit home for me was, “What if I fall in love with him and he breaks my heart”.

Knowing this pain, I cried like a baby thinking about how Brooky has simply jumped into each one of our hearts despite our best efforts to build a wall, “Just in case” something happens. I can’t say we’ve been successful and I include all of you in that because I hear how her eyes have just mesmerized everyone who takes a minute to stop by her page. I do know that I am not prepared to let her go.

Pops response to Andre was: “I can’t guarantee everything is going to be alright, but I can promise this: if you don’t get in there and spend every moment you can with him right now, you will regret it.”

We have taken Pops mentality and have tried to spend as much time as possible with the princess and it has been the best experience of our lives. Our hearts are broken by her pain and healed by her smile. She makes us laugh and cry and reminds us that God is still in the miracle working business. She is our little miracle and though I don’t want to break our social workers record, I do want to hold on to #BeautifulBrooklyn as long as God will allow us to.

Our prayer requests start with the fact that she needs to grow. Although she looks so grown up with her little pigtails, she has actually lost rather than gained weight. It is difficult without intestines but God can do anything but fail. We believe the prayers of the righteous will prevail in the area of weight gain. We also need either the miraculous healing we’ve been praying for or that renegade doctor to see her story and do the surgery which seems impossible to so many others. Whilst you are praying I may as well add a prayer for our family (especially Sheltaya). We have held on to faith, but all of the regular family struggles are exacerbated by having a sick baby. We could use some prayer to keep us loving each other as we all rally around lil Ms. Brooklyn.

We can’t thank you enough for being there when we need to chat, vent or cry, and we thank you for loving this princess despite never meeting her in person.

It would do our hearts good to see the Brooky Challenge go viral. So #IBrookyChallenge you to do some #RandomActOfKindness for someone else and then Brooky Challenge them to keep it going. Please don’t forget to post it to her page so we can see and share it because the life of this princess shall not be in vain.

May God bless and keep you!

#PrayersForBeautifulBrooklyn #BrooklynsHealingHeartChallenge #Blackish #Sprinkles

#Brooklyn #BeautifulBrooklyn #CHD #ChildrensHospital #Heart #Hospital

Ms. Brooklyn

The Sassy Lil Diva

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