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Brooklyn's Story

#BeautifulBrooklyn is our precious miracle baby

Beautiful Brooklyn is a precious little princess who was born on July 15, 2016 to

 Airman First Class Sheltaya Williams.

Unfortunately she was born with a heart in dire need of a healing.  Brooklyn's undeveloped heart has caused some life threatening systemic issues requiring multiple  surgeries and a treatment plan that involves many more procedures.  We have watched her transition from our lively little princess into a very sick tiny one.  We are grieved to see her struggle through all of her challenges. 

This struck inspiration to create BROOKLYN'S HEALING HEART CHALLENGE..  As our country deals with many turbulent issues such as civil unrest, disunity within our communities,  a tense and uncertain political landscape, racial and ethnic intolerance, we feel many individuals could contribute to a movement that desires to heal an ailing heart much like our precious Brooklyn. So allow her personal battle to inspire you to make a difference.

Brooklyn's Healing Heart Challenge consists of three things

1. DO A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS- your actions may help heal the heart of someone you may or may not know. 

2. LET US KNOW ABOUT IT ON BROOKLYN'S SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS- we want this to become contagious! Post  to the Brooklyn's Healing Heart Challenge Facebook page with the 
#PrayersForBeautifulBrooklyn and #BrooklynsHealingHeartChallenge

- All proceeds from this fundraising challenge will be equally split between the two entities that have blessed her family.

CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL OF PITTSBURGH- The hospital that provides exemplary care for Brooklyn and continues to love her through her trials. 
ALLEGHENY CENTER ALLIANCE CHURCH CHILDREN'S MINISTRIES- This is where her mother Sheltaya has both attended as a child, and then served as an adult. This ministry was very insturmental in making Airman Williams the upstanding individual she is today. 

Both of these entities continue to do great work on behalf of children and we are forever grateful.

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